Trust and the decentralization of the internet

Information exchange happens through multiple dimensions on the internet; between individuals (e.g. email, chat), groups of individuals (e.g. social media, news/publishing/media), organizations/businesses (e.g. online b2b operations), and between businesses and customers (e.g. online b2c operations, e-commerce). The largest internet companies by revenue and market capitalization today are companies which provide services in one of these[…]

Prototypal inheritance in Javascript

Let’s take a look at the code above. A constructor function MyAnimalConstructor() is defined, which sets the properties adjective, color and species and the method eat for every object instantiated with it. We instantiate a myAnimal object with this constructor function, with strange, yellow and fish parameters, and call the eat method, which logs “Eating[…]

Secure password management with availability in mind for mere mortal beings

So let’s presume you have several accounts for different services over the internet which require authentication to access and control, ranging from sensitive (government gateways, internet & phone banking, email accounts, etc.) to “less” sensitive accounts (social platforms, networking, etc.). Suppose you own or manage a business, now you have double of all the accounts[…]